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Industry-specific information now available

Recruitment information specific to the built environment sector has never before been available. Until now! Staffing Industry Metrics has completed dedicated research in your sector, enabling you to start the financial year with real-time insights and a fresh perspective to improve your business performance.

How we help

Join SIM to:

  1. Easily track and analyse the real-time progress of your business
  2. Overlay your results with best-practice benchmark data to see how you compare against agencies of similar size, sector and location
  3. Access a vital external measure of business performance and value a crucial strategic benefit and the only industry reporting tool to provide this measure

Built Environment Sector Success Stories

"Consultive have participated with Staffing Industry Metrics (formerly RIB Report) for 14 years and the internal and external insights provided are important indicators for us and these insights have helped us make decisions to invest, pull back, hire, fire or sit tight. Now, with the BUILT ENVIRONMENT sector specific dashboard and reports I get a very clear view of how Consultive as a business is performing in our niche sector. It's fantastic! No longer do I need to guess, or do any other market analysis to understand our performance."
Growth Director | Consultive

"We have participated with Staffing Industry Metrics for the past 4 years and having the ability to benchmark against our peers in the Built Environment is invaluable. SIM provides a wonderful record of performance and the statistics have helped us identify areas to improve upon, whilst also allowing us to celebrate where we outperform the competition."
Director | Capstone

"Signing up with Staffing Industry Metrics has been a breath of fresh air, enabling Now Careers to effectively benchmark its performance against its fiercest competitors. Such a simple, easy to use platform, not only allows you to benchmark performance, but allows you to read market patterns and behaviours - what a great tool to motivate your team to No.1."
Managing Director | Now Careers

"Kingfisher has engaged with Staffing Industry Metrics for a number of years, who have provided indispensable information about benchmarking and trends. As Finance Manager, the SIM platform has been an excellent tool in giving me insight to industry trends and analytics, and now having the ability to compare directly with our peers in the Built Environment is even better! In particular, I find  "Income producer" related reports beneficial as it allows me to benchmark consultant productivity with others in the industry, which drives healthy competition and adds value to the process of budgeting and setting targets. Having the flexibility to customise dashboards for different managers is a great additional feature!"
Finance Manager | Kingfisher Recruitment

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