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Now more than ever before, Staffing and Recruitment Professionals have access to an impressive selection of specialist services and products providing affordable, easier and more efficient ways to do business. Payroll processing, financing, brokering, compliance, web design, CRM, copywriting and marketing, are a small sample of the breadth of services within your reach.

Services and resources developed specifically for the benefit of the Staffing and Recruitment Industry bring enormous advantages; saving you time, money and free up your valuable internal resources, they speak your language and understand the underlying complexities of your industry, their products/services have been tried and tested by your peers and as specialists in their space, you get access to the latest news, technologies and education.

Identify the problem you want to solve and take the time to do your research. Qualify the provider claims by requesting to speak with three clients currently using their service. Then decide if the new product or service is a good fit for your organisation.

Where to find industry specific products and services

Directories can be located on the websites of many Staffing and Recruitment industry association websites plus digital news services dedicated to our industry.

SIM Global directory currently under construction.

Advisors | Keynote Speakers | Copywriters

Keeping industry advisors ahead of emerging trends is what SIM does best. If you provide information and advice to recruitment clients, publish articles or deliver presentations, you need the latest data at your fingertips.

See how your staffing firm stacks up against industry trends   

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