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Katrina Park Managing Director Resource Solutions Group
Katrina shares the impact SIM data has on business performance


"As the National Operations Manager with responsibility of our National network I find the data and the clarity of the information displayed in our reports to be excellent, however the highlight and biggest advantage for us is the outstanding functionality and reliability of the platform; it's world class!!
Our Branch Managers now have access to their own personal dashboard and business results and this has really empowered them. I would go as far as saying the reporting platform is one of the best, as a recruitment Manager 'one' gets come across the desk, it's a total reality check!
I highly recommend any recruitment Leader/Manager to at least have a conversation with Nigel and a review of the platform. Please feel free to contact me on LinkedIn if you have any question."
Ryan Densem | National Operations Manager | Advanced Personnel Services

"Using SIM, we can simply help the team understand how they really stack up against their peers in the industry. Nobody enjoys being below average or even average. They all aspire to greater performance."
Peter Spark | Managing Director | IRP
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"Congratulations! This looks like it will be a fantastic platform. I have been getting fantastic value from RIBreport and SIM looks to provide a huge range of additional insights."
Philip Goldstein | Director and Principal Consultant | Future Prospects

"This dynamic, industry specific management tool will augment our ability to create an environment where the management team have the business intelligence they need to do the best job for its customers."
Brian Wilkinson CEO | Gattaca

"I have relied on RIBreport (now SIM) for close on a decade. In world of exaggerated claims and massive misinformation, having empirical evidence of best practice to benchmark your business against, makes the this an essential management tool for any staffing and recruitment firm."
Greg Savage | The Savage Truth

"In an industry of such competitiveness, this reporting has given a foundation for quick and accurate decision-making. The great thing is that it is backed up by true live data with peer group and industry comparisons."
Joey Birch Managing Director | Globe Group

"We primarily use SIM to benchmark consultant productivity against the rest of the industry, so we often focus on gross profit per consultant and sales by consultant. This enables us to analyse how our staff are performing in line with the industry as well as comparing brand productivity within our group. This drives healthy competition and also assists in making informed business decisions....I envisage using SIM data more in the future, especially now that we can include our overseas entities and now extend our use outside of our Australian brands."
Alex de Cuevas | Finance Manager | Rubicor

"As the Corporate Accountant the SIM dashboard has been a fantastic tool for providing me with insights into industry development and trends and how we are performing compared to others.  My favorite and most used reports are, Total GP, Temp Hours Processed and GP per income producer. In fact, all the reports filtered by "income producer" are extremely useful as it helps our Consultants understand their position within the industry and helps us to set meaningful targets within our different teams....This platform has amazing flexibility to create tailored reports specific to our business needs and save them in different dashboards for different managers.  Overall, it saves me time and helps me get better results from my work."
Weiming Pan | Accountant | Cox Purtell

"We were initially attracted to the portal as a means of tracking our performance against our peers and competitors.  Having frequent access to a wide range of data and reports via the dashboard has proven beneficial in many different ways and exceeding my expectations.  Our leadership team frequently use key reports from our dashboard to help drive performance conversations."
Malcolm Reeve | General Manager | Ochre Recruitment

"The SIM dashboard enables us to benchmark our results against those of similar sized and sector based firms in the market.  Using the data, we can analyse our results vs our peers, plus identify opportunities for improvement and develop realistic (market achievable) goals across the business. Our aim is to remain in the top performing percentiles in all key facets of our business."
Rasa Severino | Southern Region Manager | Launch

"I'm not sure how any agency works without this information. The new, SIM online platform is probably the best ever development in the analytics space for recruitment agencies.  The ability to slice and dice the data and truly understand how you are performing compared to your peers is unparalleled.  The speed of the platform is amazing too which means it's easy to provide clear and understandable information quickly with little or no preparation required."
James Purtell | Managing Director | Cox Purtell

"If you're truly passionate about your recruitment business then the new cutting edge SIM data dashboard is a must!!  It's a powerful tool to measure, compare and manage your business. I haven't been this EXCITED about a new recruitment technology platform in such a long time.  Well done Nigel Harse, you are a true master and I hope more companies get on board - The facts don't lie"
Tania Kapell | Managing Director | Recruitment Edge

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