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Branch Managers

Helping branch, team and talent
managers motivate and elevate staff performance with the facts.

General Managers

Putting emerging industry, and even sector, trends in front of general, regional and brand managers worldwide.

On The Board

Empowering Owner Operators, CEOs, presidents and board members to make strategic decisions with confidence.

Finance Teams

Freeing up CFOs, analysts and strategists to highlight issues and identify opportunities to grow fast.


Fundamentally changing how staffing firms view and manage business performance



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Katrina Park, managing director at Resource Solutions Group, shares the impact SIM data has on business performance.

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As the National Operations Manager with responsibility of our National network I find the data and the clarity of the information displayed in our reports to be excellent, however the highlight and biggest advantage for us is the outstanding funct...

Ryan Densem
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7 Imperative reasons why!

Posted by Nigel Harse FRCSA on 22 September 2023
7 Imperative reasons why!
Industry benchmarking of your financial performance is a valuable practice that can provide numerous insights and benefits for a business. Here are...

August 2023 Market update

Posted by Nigel Harse FRCSA on 20 September 2023
August 2023 Market update
September 2023 - Staffing Industry Metrics Market Update Results from 87 staffing & recruitment firms in Australia for the first 8 months of 2...

Benchmarking and competitive intelligence are like two peas in a pod,

Posted by Nigel Harse FRCSA on 16 February 2023
Benchmarking and competitive intelligence are like two peas in a pod,
Benchmarking and competitive intelligence are like two peas in a pod, or two sides of the same coin, or two dogs chasing their tails. Whatever meta...
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