Values matter when measuring staffing industry facts and statistics

Every day there are millions of opportunities to make better use of your data

That's why these fundamental values inform everything we do:

The importance of integrity of behaviour and data is at the core of this business. Without it, the value would be compromised. There has not been one breach of data security in 21 years and our business has been built on the fact that people trust us with their information.

Forward thinking
A better way of doing things is in our DNA. In 2003, creator Nigel Harse wanted to answer the question for the staffing and recruitment industry: "how am I doing?" and RIBreport was born. Today, the company is now called Staffing Industry Metrics and continues to evolve with this forward-thinking industry commitment that underpins our company culture.

Let's face it, data can be a dry subject, that's why having a laugh and staying up beat is a welcomed point of difference when dealing with SIM.

Like you, we've managed recruitment firms so we get the challenges you're facing. We are driven to take the headache out of your data, making it quick and easy to map and understand.

Need a a quick sanity check as we ride the roller coaster of high demand?

Discreetly see how your performance stacks up through these fast & challenging times  

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