About Staffing Industry Metrics

Can you really afford to be working in the dark?

We're helping recruitment and staffing agencies around the world answer the tough questions:

  • How does my business performance really compare?
  • Are we as profitable as we should be?
  • Have my sales grown faster than others?
  • Am I spending too much on my staff?
  • What should I be spending on marketing?
  • How do my temp or contractor margins compare?
  • Do I have the right revenue balance?

We answer at least 50 of the questions that are frequently asked by industry professionals around the world.

That's a fact!

Staffing Industry Metrics is a business intelligence platform created exclusively for recruitment and staffing agencies.

Formerly RIBreport (est. 2003), SIM is the cloud based evolution of this highly regarded benchmark and peer comparison reporting service. Praised as the "most exciting innovation the staffing and recruitment industry has seen in a long time", this world-class data dashboard is relevant, affordable and accessible to recruitment agencies of every size and in any location.


You're drowning in spreadsheets. Trying to compare your business to industry benchmarks, or worse still just guessing about how you stack up against the competition. Staffing Industry Metrics offers a variety of reports for any Recruitment and Staffing Industry peer group. Now you'll know exactly where you stand. The instant Survive & Thrive and the Sacred Metrics Reports give you the information you need to run a great business and within 1 minute!


Tracking your financial performance alongside the aggregated data provides a clear comparison of current market trends, performance and many operating efficiencies.

If you love a challenge, want to know how good you are and how to be even better, we can help. If you want consistent data reporting across all levels and locations of your organisation, SIM delivers that too.

 Use our dynamic reports to better understand:

  • Internal and external trends;
  • Sales;
  • Gross profit (Net Fee Income);
  • Perm, Temp and Contract business;
  • Cost control;
  • Productivity and productivity cost efficiencies; and
  • Profitability.

It takes less than 2 minutes a month to upload your data with instant access to your reports and selected peer group comparisons at any time.

Traditionally, collecting and managing performance data was a tedious, manual task.

Now, with a simple to use, cloud-based platform you can streamline your business data. And then provide fresh, comprehensive, unbiased insights into the metrics and trends that matter most to you.

From any internet connected device, at any time, you can access more than 50 instant reports including performance trends for your chosen peer group benchmark comparisons.

Absolute ANONYMITY of your data is guaranteed. Participants can't see the results of other participants but use data mining filters to drill down into benchmarks for team size and key sectors.

Unlimited users can access their personal dashboards at any time, meaning staff from branches, both local and international can simultaneously see real-time results and view the reports most relevant to them. Instant currency conversion and the ability to add report comments complete the truly global experience.

It's no secret; the recruitment and staffing sector is a fast-paced and dynamic environment. Industry trends are constantly changing and best practices continue to evolve.

Need a a quick sanity check as we ride the roller coaster of high demand?

Discreetly see how your performance stacks up through these fast & challenging times  

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