How our staffing industry platform works

We have created the only digital business intelligence tool giving staffing and recruitment firms access to the metrics that matter 24/7.

The best part? It's easy to get started and it takes as little as 10-minutes a month to prepare and upload your business data.

There are just 12 compulsory data points along with your P&L that must be uploaded each month. Then, using data mapping, we convert the information into 28 common data inputs. From here you can create more than 50 key reports.

In short, all the metrics that matter to staffing and recuitment firms are always at your fingertips. This means, for a minimum cost SIM allows you to leverage industry data to accelerate team engagement and better manage your business performance.

Here's how our staffing metrics platform works.

1. Let's talk
Let's chat and make sure we are the right fit for each other. We can help bring your monthly profit and loss records up to industry standard. And, if you don't already collect the twelve basic data points required each month, we'll explain how to gather this information quickly and easily.

2. Develop a plan
We will outline how to measure and track the metrics needed to achieve your goals. Plus, give you an overview of how to use the results to achieve tangible outcomes. Within three months of taking action and tracking your data, we know you will see trends emerge that will shape your firm's future performance and potential.

3. Getting started
You receive a unique template to complete each month and we work closely with you for three months checking and uploading your data. After this period of "clean" data reporting, you can begin uploading data directly on to your interactive dashboard each month, within minutes all reports are updated. Your SIM dashboard comes pre-loaded with 50+ reports and we will help you identify which are most valuable to you. Simply drag and drop the reports you need to your dashboard for easy access. Leverage the right information with the right audience by giving simultaneous, real-time access to relevant team members regardless of their location.

4. Create reports
You only need to input your data once a month, but you can create instant bespoke reports at any time from any internet connected device. Use the advanced selection of advanced data-mining criteria and filters to quickly drill down further, highlighting any issues and identifying opportunities for growth or improvement. Then, to really drive your message home, with a click of the mouse update reports to instantly overlay industry comparisons.

5. Stay on track
We stay in touch to make sure the metrics continue to help you make better business decisions.  Plus, we will point to key industry trends as they emerge and publish general advice on how staffing and recruitment firms can drive continous business improvement.

Owner Operators are our largest audience and represent the majority of SIM members. SIM data gives Owner Operators an unbiased appraisal of how their business is tracking and when compared against their peers, can easily identify what they need to be doing better. You're a competitive bunch, so knowing the benchmarks being achieved by your peers sets up the challenge for improvement.  If you want to be among the best SIM will show you the pathway to success.


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