Finance Teams

If you’re already into numbers, wait until you tap into the possibilities with SIM.

When you're responsible for managing the financial survival of a staffing or recruitment firm, there's no time for format inconsistencies or data errors. What's more, compiling and distributing spreadsheets is a thing of the past.

How SIM can help
SIM gives you the metrics that matter with a click: from sales, cost control, margins and more. You can bring up comparisons against budget, forecast and actual results with instant currency conversion for easy use around the world. And, your information is presented in a consistent format so that you can quickly identify the shifts and changes occurring throughout your business and with a click of the mouse put industry or peer group trends alongside your results.

The fact is
This online business intelligence platform is designed to free you up so that you can analyse the data, highlight any issues and identify opportunities to grow fast.


Need a a quick sanity check as we ride the roller coaster of high demand?

Discreetly see how your performance stacks up through these fast & challenging times  

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