Staffing Industry Owner Operators

We know how demanding it can be running your own business.

As Branch Manager, Talent Manager, General Manager, Finance Manager and Director, Owner Operators juggle all these functions on a daily basis. Staying on top of it all is a demanding task made a whole lot easier with SIM.

How SIM can help you:

Better understand YOUR own performance:

  • It will help you identify and prioritise specific areas of opportunity
  • It will objectively identify the firm's strengths and weaknesses
  • It will uncover any hidden trends such as deterioration in your margins
  • You can set goals and performance expectations based on industry standards and best practice
  • By monitoring the firm's key performance metrics, you can effectively manage and monitor change

Know where YOUR firm stands in the current marketplace because:

  • If you understand your competitors you can gain a competitive edge
  • You need to ensure your firm is not falling behind industry performance benchmarks
  • You are not sure you're as profitable as you should be
  • You may feel as if the staffing industry is quickly evolving and you are no longer in tune with the market's trends
  • It will help you to position you firm correctly if planning to engage in projects involving mergers, acquisitions and exit strategies

Use current INDUSTRY DATA to set new and tangible team goals because:

  • The team needs a revised set of concrete actions to bring the firm in line with industry standards
  • It will help identify business trends, targets and efficiencies not previously considered                   
  • It may encourage fresh thinking and new strategies                                      
  • The team will be motivated if they have specific industry targets to meet and a set timeframe for the actions to be taken. It's more motivational than just increasing the budget!

MONITOR the firm's results more closely because:

  • Continuous monitoring of your sales, expenditure and profitability will make spotting trends as they emerge easier and more manageable
  • You think you can do better
  • Strategic plans and future development should be based on the ALL of the facts
  • You want peace of mind knowing you are on track now and performing okay
  • You know other firms are doing this and you want to know what they know

Record the firm's data on the CLOUD because:

  • By spending less time on manually updating spreadsheets, I will have more time for analysis
  • It will allow other members of my team, branch or firm to access results at the same time
  • It's time the firm embraced the benefits of modern digital technology and market awareness
  • It will ensure our data is safe, password protected and only available to those with approved access
  • You want ongoing support and insight from experts in staffing industry metrics

If five or more of the above points ring a bell with you, why not complete the health check form and unlock 12 dashboard reports for free and see how staying up-to-date with your firm's real-time data, industry trends and peer group comparisons will benefit you?


Need a a quick sanity check as we ride the roller coaster of high demand?

Discreetly see how your performance stacks up through these fast & challenging times  

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