Complimentary Benchmark Report with Business Health Check

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Get access to our live dashboard and compare your real-time data with your industry peers via our Complimentary Benchmark Report. The report highlights 12 key items of targeted data from a six-month period including:
  • Where your team sits in terms of sales volume per person
  • Are you spending too much on your management and staff
  • Are your operational costs where they should be
  • Are your temp, locum or contract margins up to scratch
  • Is your staffing firm as profitable as it should be

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Complimentary Benchmark Report

The current review period is 1/07/2018 to 31/12/2018 reported as a total for the six month period


Tell us about your responsibilities

Tell us about the main sector you service

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NOTE - You will need to have your data for 01/07/2018 - 31/12/2018 (as a 6 month result) ready before completing this form!

Income producers - this includes consultants, researchers, resourcers, candidate managers, account managers and potentially some of the managers time if appropriate.

Support staff - this includes accounts, training, IT, Marketing staff all shown as a FTE (1 day is 0.2 FTE)

Include the value of any temp to perm conversions too.

This might include revenue from training, testing or payrolling

Include all remuneration, rewards, incentives and all additional on-costs, the cost of Rec2Rec and training. The cost of keeping a healthy team in place.

Do not include interest or tax charges

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