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Sector specific information NOW available

Recruitment agency information for those who recruit and provide temps and contractors into the built environment sector has never before been available, until NOW! Staffing Industry Metrics has completed dedicated research in this sector, enabling you to easily start reporting and get real-time sector insights and gain a fresh and objective perspective on where to improve your business. The instant Fast Facts report will give you a scorecard and clear view of your performance over 12 KEY METRICS that drive success.

The benefits of benchmarking with SIM:


  1. Easily track and analyse the real-time performance and progress of your business
  2. Overlay your results with current best-practice benchmarks and compare against others of similar size, sector or location
  3. Get a huge strategic benefit and sanity check with access to 50+ objective external performance comparisons

Why we love SIM data ...

"It's fantastic! No longer do I need to guess, or do any other market analysis to understand our performance."
Growth Director | Consultive

"Having the ability to brenchmark against our peers in the built environment is invaluable "
Director | Capstone

"Such a simple, easy to use platform...what a great tool to moviate your team to no.1"
Managing Director | Now Careers

"The SIM platform has been an excellent tool...to compare directly with our peers in the Built Environment is even better!
Finance Manager | Kingfisher Recruitment

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