What data do I need to supply?

There are twelve compulsory data points plus your P&L results that must be entered each month:
  1. Number of new internal staff starters
  2. Number of internal staff departures
  3. No of locations
  4. No of income producers
  5. No of support staff
  6. Income producers - salary (incl. on-costs)
  7. Support staff - salary (incl. on-costs)
  8. No of placements
  9. Temp/contract hours processed/worked
  10. Debtors days outstanding at the end of the month
  11. Number of temps/contractors/locums working
  12. Number of temps/contractor/locum jobs filled
Using data mapping, we covert the data you provide into 28 data inputs, and then use them to create 50 report options.

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