Industry specific information now available

Recruitment information specific to the Health Services sector is now available. Until now! Staffing Industry Metrics has completed dedicated research in your sector, enabling you to start the financial year with real-time insights and a fresh perspective to improve your business performance.

Industry-specific information now available

Join SIM to:

  1. Easily track and analyse the real-time progress of your business
  2. Overlay your results with best-practice benchmark data to see how you compare against agencies of similar size, sector and location
  3. Access a vital external measure of business performance and value a crucial strategic benefit and the only industry reporting tool to provide this measure

Happy Clients

"Industry benchmark figures inject a health sense of competition into the whole company."
Founding Directors | WAVE

Having used SIM data successfully to drive profitability and productivity, joining SIM UK it is a decision we are more than pleased with.
Founding Directors | Vetro Recruitment

Our leadership team frequently use key reports from our dashboard to help drive performance conversations."
General Manager | One Ochre Recruitment

"SIM data gave a real wake up call to all of our staffit challenged our assumptions and strengthened our determination to do better."
Managing Director | WAVE

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