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Recruitment | Knowledge | Shared is our motto at Delta Genesis and our recent partnering with Staffing Industry Metrics strengthens our commitment to help build and deliver a powerful local and country-wide knowledge-base of industry information every recruitment professional wants and needs to grow their business.

For too long, recruitment agencies have struggled to gather and manage internal data let alone turning it into insights the team to act upon.  Until now, operational data management and report creation methods have been singularly unique to each individual recruitment organisation - in competitive terms this is equivalent to winning a one-man race.  Frequently the data measured by stand-alone agencies is adversely influenced by the limitations and bias of the report creator, leading to valuable business insights being missed or interpreted incorrectly.
Managers are often expected to make judgment calls on important issues based on adhoc industry commentary and personal opinion due to the lack of competitor data to challenge and balance their own conclusions.
Not anymore!

Help is here and it's a game-changer!

Staffing Industry Metrics UK Partner - Daniel Griggs


The magic is in your metrics!

Daniel says; "As an established mentor and advisor to the recruitment industry, my clients often need a fresh set-of-eyes to help identify growth barriers and weak spots in their overall business process efficiencies, they also want relevant industry information they can rely upon to help solve problems and guide management decisions."

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