UK Recruitment Industry Information for faster, smarter decision making

For too long, UK recruitment agencies have struggled to gather and manage internal data let alone turn it into actionable insights. Are you battling these common issues?

  1. Operational data management and report creation methods are isolated to your organisation meaning you're running a one-man race!
  2. Data measured by standalone agencies is limited and biased by the report creator meaning valuable insights are misinterpreted or missed entirely.
  3. In the absence of competitor data, you must make important judgement calls based on adhoc industry commentary and personal opinion - who knows if you're making the right decisions?

Help is here and it’s a game-changer!

Recruitment | Knowledge | Shared is our motto at Delta Genesis and our recent partnering with Staffing Industry Metrics (SIM) strengthens this commitment to build and deliver a powerful local and country-wide knowledge-base of industry information every UK recruitment professional wants and needs to grow their business.

How we help

Staffing Industry Metrics is a revolutionary data analytics and reporting platform built to give recruitment agency directors, managers and operators control over their own information and the insights needed to grow their business. With SIM, you get:

  • Benchmarked competitor comparison data
    No more guessing how good you are! You'll know exactly how you stack up against your peers and more crucially what you need to do better.
  • Globally-recognised best practice metrics
    Standardised data collection and benchmark analytics delivered via a dynamic report creation tool that is easy to use and understand.
  • Tried and tested reputation
    SIM has been helping recruitment professionals throughout Australasia since 2004 and is now committed to delivering the same great results to UK recruitment agencies.

See the success stories

"I FIND THE SIM DASHBOARD TO BE an incredibly insightful and user-friendly tool. Trends I was aware of were brought to life and the ability to compare my teams performance versus a competitive set was extremely powerful and motivational. I now have a clear vision of both my business strengths and areas that I need to address. This was achieved via a painless process with a minimal investment of my time."
Director | Caselton Clark

"Vetro Recruitment was one of the first to adopt the Staffing Industry Metrics tool in the UK and having used it successfully to drive profitability and productivity we are very pleased to say it is a decision we are more than pleased with. Our plan is to further develop its use within our UK business and we have to date been more than satisfied with the ease of implementation and support from Nigel Harse and the SIM team. We would encourage UK recruitment businesses to consider its deployment very seriously as we are also keen to see the tool develop its game changing benchmarking capability in the UK, as it has in other regions of the world."
Founding Directors | Vetro Recruitment

Meet the expert


SIM's UK Partner, Daniel Griggs, says, "As an established mentor and advisor to the recruitment industry, my clients often need a fresh set-of-eyes to help identify growth barriers and weak spots in their overall business process efficiencies. They also want relevant industry information they can rely upon to help solve problems and guide management decisions."

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