Terms of Use

SIM Terms of Use

The following Specific Terms of Use apply to you through Service Contract RIBSC-1:

1. We are PowerStats Limited and our contact details are available via www.powerstats.co - you are welcome to contact us at any time.
2. The Service Contract Holder is the Staffing Industry Metrics Pty Ltd, with contact details available via www.staffingindustrymetrics.com - you are welcome to contact Staffing Industry Metrics at any time.
3 Overriding a part of Clause 4.6 of the General Terms of Use (v-1.3), PowerStats may not disclose and must keep confidential any Anonymous Business Data, unless:
(a) a written amendment to Service Contract is signed by Staffing Industry Metrics and PowerStats, or
(b) such disclosure is required by Law; or
(c) such disclosure is requested by the Service Contract Holder as a part of the normal day-to-day Services to be provided to Staffing Industry Metrics
4. Provisions of Clause 4.7 (b) do not apply

Download the PowerStats General Terms of Use (v1.4)

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