Ryan Densem
As the National Operations Manager with responsibility of our National network I find the data and the clarity of the information displayed in our reports to be excellent, however the highlight and biggest advantage for us is the outstanding functionality and reliability of the platform; it's world class!!

Our Branch Managers now have access to their own personal dashboard and business results and this has really empowered them. I would go as far as saying the reporting platform is one of the best, as a recruitment Manager 'one' gets come across the desk, it's a total reality check!

I highly recommend any recruitment Leader/Manager to at least have a conversation with Nigel and a review of the platform. Please feel free to contact me here on LinkedIn if you have any question.

I have relied on RIBreport (now SIM) for close on a decade. In world of exaggerated claims and massive misinformation, having empirical evidence of best practice to benchmark your business against, makes the this an essential management tool for any staffing and recruitment firm.

Using SIM, we can simply help the team understand how they really stack up against their peers in the industry. Nobody enjoys being below average or even average. They all aspire to greater performance.

In an industry of such competitiveness, this reporting has given a foundation for quick and accurate decision-making. The great thing is that it is backed up by true live data with peer group and industry comparisons.

Congratulations! This looks like it will be a fantastic platform. I have been getting fantastic value from RIBreport and SIM looks to provide a huge range of additional insights.

Need a a quick sanity check as we travel through CD-19?

Discreetly see how your performance stacks up through these challenging times  

Take me there!

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